Product Description

RC001-1M is a single-slot chassis with in-built SNMP management module.

It is designed for telecom carrier and important enterprise user in the feld of fnance, electric power, petroleum industry, and etc. Fixed in RC001-1M, modular media converters, PDH multiplexers, interface converters, G.SHDSLmodems and other modules designed for 1U slots become stand-alone and network-manageable equipments.

The SNMP agent module built in RC001-1M realizes network management function like confguration management, diagnostics, loop activation, monitoring and fault management.

There is one console port, one Ethernet port and one slot for modular device on the front panel.

The AC and DC power supply connectors on the rear panel of RC001-1M provides users with the fexibility of using AC power supply, or DC power supply or both of them

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