Product Description

RC001-1D is a single-slot chassis designed for service modules that take up 2 slots in RC002-16. It is applicable for telecom carrier and important enterprise user in the field of finance, electric power, petroleum industry, and etc.

To provide high service capacity, some of Raisecom’s modular devices, including Ethernet to 4/8E1 interface converters, PDH multiplexers providing 4/8 E1 channels, and multi-service multiplexers providing 4/8/16 plus 1 Ethernet service, occupies 2 slots in RC002-16 .

Fixed in RC001-1D, these modular devices become stand-alone equipments, and can be either placed on table or mounted on wall or rack with accessories. The employment of power supply connector depends on user’s need.

Except for traditional connector for AC or DC power supply, an option of connector for wide-range power supply is provided

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