Product Description

This bulletin provides guidance on various bootflash and DRAMs to be used in Cisco® Catalyst® ۶۵۰۰ Series Switches.

The Cisco Catalyst 6500 has an unparalleled portfolio of features that are mandated by the growing requirements of our customers for scalability, instrumentation, high availability, and other factors. As a consequence, in the future, software images might have an increased effect on memory requirements. Additionally, as the size of Internet routing tables continue to increase, the quantity of routes in enterprise networks will also grow.

The Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series released its latest software image, Cisco IOS ® Software Release 12.2(33)SXH, with more than 200 features to cater to different areas of the network such as Data Center, Campus Backbone, Wiring Closet, Enterprise WAN, and Carrier Ethernet. With this software introduction, current default configurations, with the exception of XL configurations, are designed to hold typical enterprise configurations. Typical enterprise configurations are defined as having 25,000 route entries and 4000 access control list (ACL) entries. Table 1 lists upgrade options for various modules with considerations for Bootflash/Compact Flash (Bootdisk)/DRAM upgrade

This does NOT affect the Compact Flash purchase for the supervisor engine’s external slot. We suggest that the Compact Flash size for the external slot be at least equivalent to the recommended size for respective supervisor engines.

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