Product Description

The Cisco 828 G.SHDSL Router provides business-class functionality for small offices and teleworkers through the power of Cisco IOS ® technology. It enables service providers and resellers to increase service revenue by supporting features for business-class security, differentiated classes of service, and managed network services with Cisco IOS Software. These value-added features, along with the manageability and proven reliability of Cisco IOS technology, provide the mission-critical networking that businesses require.

The newest member of the award-winning Cisco 800 Series Routers, the Cisco 828 G.SHDSL Router, provides small offices and teleworkers the features they need for mission-critical applications. (See Figure 2.) It also gives service providers a platform that allows them to offer high-margin, value-added business services while helping them reduce the cost of deployment and services.

G.SHDSL is the latest version of DSL technology, and it provides businesses a symmetrical service for bandwidth-intensive applications. G.SHDSL can support speeds both upstream and downstream of up to 2.3 Mbps and can reach customers as far as 20,000 feet from the telco/PTT office. G.SHDSL is a standards-based technology, and the Cisco 828 Router supports the ITU G.991.2 standard.

The Cisco Systems portfolio of G.SHDSL customer premises equipment (CPE), all based on Cisco IOS Software, serves all business-customer segments from small offices and teleworkers to branch offices. With the Cisco G.SHDSL CPE, service providers can deploy value-added services to an expanded customer base of users who require advanced, business-class features. Additionally, Cisco and its DSL CPE can help service providers reduce their operational expenses.


The Cisco 828 Router is ideal for users in a small office or for teleworkers, supporting scalable, secure, quality, and proven business solutions such as:

• Business-class security

• Differentiated classes of service

• Managed access with service level agreements (SLAs)

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