Avaya 9640 IP Phone

Avaya 9640 IP Phone



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Product Description

Smart, sleek, stylish and highly functional, the Avaya 9640 IP Telephone is designed for the Essential user, those for whom the telephone is essential in order to perform their jobs. Workers who conduct much of their business on the phone – moving from one call to the next. The ۹۶۴۰ delivers advanced communications capabilities – high definition audio, a brilliant – high resolution pixel based color display, one-touch access to Avaya mobility or forwarding features – in a solution designed for those who are absolutely dependent on voice communications for their business operations.

The ۹۶۴۰ supports higher quality wideband audio in both the handset as well as the speakerphone, which provides crystal clear audio with the elimination of background noise. The color display and intuitive inteface simplifies access to Avaya features – such as simultaneously managing multiple calls and selectively dropping conference call participants. And, with its dual position flip stand, the ۹۶۴۰ makes a smart-looking addition to any desk.

Workers on the go will appreciate the convenience of the ۹۶۴۰’s forwarding button, which provides one-touch access to Avaya Mobility features.

Phone Features:

  • Improved total cost of ownership:Supports a portfolio of telephone modules, adapters and accessories such as wideband audio headsets. Adapters for Gigabit Ethernet are now available, allowing for flexible and cost effective enhancements and investment protection.
  • Security and reliability:With enhanced protection against denial of service attacks and support for 802.1x, as well as improved VLAN separation, this phone delivers the high level of security and reliability that you’ve come to expect from Avaya.
  • Color display– ۳٫۸” diagonal ¼ VGA quality pixel-based with adjustable display angle
  • Six line buttons with LEDsfor favorite features
  • Full-duplex wideband speaker phone
  • Ergonomic wideband hearing aid compatiblehandset supporting TTD acoustic coupler
  • Two message waiting indicators
  • Innovative dual position flip stand; Wall mount kit available
  • Four-way navigation cluster button
  • Four contextual softkey buttons
  • Forward/mobility, Message, Mute, Speaker, Headset, and Call log buttons (LEDs)
  • Volume button (separate volume levels in the handset, speaker, and ringer)
  • Avaya Menu button (options and settings access)
  • Telephony application (hard button)
  • Contacts button
  • Dual Ethernet (10/100) line interface
  • Module interface to support add-ons – such as up to three 24-button expansion modules
  • Power over Ethernet 802.3af compliant class 2 device
  • USB, Wideband Headset, and 2 adapter interfaces
  • Supports 20programmable feature keys (Softkeys); max. 10 partners
  • ۲۵۰ entrycontacts application (hard button)
  • Call log (50-entry) with hard button and LED formissed call indication
  • ۳۲۳protocol
  • Standards-based G.722 wideband Codec and the following narrow band codecs: G.711, G.729A
  • Support for the following languages:English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian Cyrillic, Czech, Slovenia, Hungarian, Polish and Turkish


  • Avaya Integral Enterprise, Avaya Integral 55, SW E07, IEE 2 or greater
  • Local or Centralized Electrical Power – through Power over Ethernet 802.3afswitch, or local power supply

Part Number: ۷۰۰۳۸۳۹۲۰

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